Why should my company use printed product catalogs?

September 30, 2020

Even in a digital world, printed product catalogs remain very effective ways to display your company’s offerings to consumers. Buyers need useful information now more than ever, and a well-designed catalog can help you stand out from the competition. While web and TV advertising are effective, 72% of people surveyed by USPS said catalogs increase their interest. The key is pursuing a multi-channel marketing strategy rather than thinking of digital and print media in opposition. Using a printed product catalog to drive consumers to your e-commerce site can often achieve better results than strictly relying on online ads. Integrate a QR code or Augmented Reality into your catalog to make it that much more dynamic and responsive to younger consumers. 

Today, millennials spend more time sorting through mail than any other age group in the country. Compared to other forms of direct mail marketing, printed product catalogs stand out. For instance, consumers hold on to catalogs for an average of over 20 days. In that time, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to drive purchases if your catalog is compelling enough. 84% of people surveyed enjoy getting catalogs from retailers they had previously shopped with. People can have a deeper emotional connection to a physical catalog they can hold and flip through than any digital ad. Match your messaging across channels from online to printed product catalogs and watch consumers develop a real relationship with your brand. The wedding of digital and physical relationships is a key tool in the arsenal of the modern marketer. 

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