What is soft touch lamination?

October 7, 2020

Lamination is typically about getting a visual effect: gloss is extra shine, matte is a dull finish. Soft touch lamination looks like a standard matte finish, but adds extra depth. Soft touch, or velvet, lamination, appeals to the sense of touch. The smooth velvet feel creates a luxurious experience for anyone holding your product.

What are the benefits of soft touch?

Soft touch lamination offers more than visual and tactile benefits to your printing, including:

  • Additional protection from chipping
  • Preventing wear and tear after extended use
  • Scratch, scuff, and fingerprint resistance
  • Distinct look and feel from non-laminated paper
  • Premium finish
  • Rubbery feel with extra grip

When products are able to stay clean and new for a long period, it could mean extending the use of the printed material. Unfortunately, excessive use usually means that the product will get damaged in some way.  Soft touch lamination reduces the chance of toner chipping and corners curling.

The natural oils from your fingertips immediately transfer on to gloss or UV finishes and are difficult to remove. The textured matte finish of velvet lamination is resistant to fingerprints, as well as scratches and scuffs.

Soft touch lamination gives every printed piece a deluxe finish that a customer can see and feel. The obvious visual difference will make your packaging or marketing materials stand out from the crowd. But the texture is what will make your product worth remembering.

What are the disadvantages of soft touch?

The matte finish of the soft touch will dull the colors on the printed piece somewhat. Sometimes this can be considered a benefit when you want to give more depth to your materials. However, if a piece is rich in color, the lamination will mute your colors. Gloss lamination, on the other hand, will give off a high shine and make rich colors “pop”.  

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