How does Calitho make environmentally friendly product packaging?

July 10, 2020

We eliminate the use of plastic whenever we can and replace it with paper products. Whether this means plain paper, paperboard, or corrugated board, we always recycle any excess materials we have and only use corrugated product with at least 30% recycled content. On top of using the best base products, we also work to engineer efficient designs. We strive to reduce the amount of board, in turn reducing the total weight of the board used. Reduced weight leads to reduced shipping activities which in turn uses less fuel. Reducing the amount of empty air in our packaging also allows for more efficient packing and shipping.

Given the opportunity we modularize our packaging concepts to reduce tooling, increasing efficiencies for storage and re-ordering purchasing points. We can do this by analyzing packaging data with an Excel Spreadsheet to research commonalities. Additionally, we work with vendors to substitute petroleum based plastics/foams with plant based alternatives.

Finally, we develop packaging to reduce shipping damage, which helps to reduce merchandise being returned and re-sent.

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