Calitho is your full-service printing partner. We can print on any product imaginable. Our experts can help you get your printing projects completed - from concept to final delivery.Print
Calitho does all things packaging. From retail kits to cosmetics boxes—and even custom packaging we have yet to invent.Package
Getting your print seen by your target audience is what display is all about.Display

Print That Brings Creative Works to Life

Unlock the potential of your brand with our top-notch print services! Whether you need business cards, brochures, posters, or any other printed materials, we provide high-quality solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Banners
  • And many more!
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Custom packaging

Packaging that shows off your brand

Make your brand unforgettable with custom packaging! From personalized labels and stickers to fully branded packaging solutions, we have everything you need to get your business logo into more hands.

  • Top Quality
  • Quick Turnarounds
  • Competitive Pricing


Go green with sustainably responsible packaging

Plastic Free

Ready to ship

Custom packaging, simplified

  • Save cost & time
  • More reliability
  • More brand impact
  • Become sustainable

Services that meet your packaging needs

Get service support at any point of your packaging journey to guarantee total packaging success.

  • Packaging Design
    Packaging Design
    Create eye-catching and functional packaging that resonates with your brand.
  • Packaging strategy
    Packaging strategy
    Develop a robust strategy to optimize your packaging for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Sampling & prototyping
    Sampling & prototyping
    Test and refine your packaging concepts with high-quality samples and prototypes.
  • Managed manufacturing
    Managed manufacturing
    Oversee the entire manufacturing process to ensure quality and consistency.
  • End-to-end delivery
    End-to-end delivery
    From concept to completion, manage every aspect of the delivery process.
  • Project optimization
    Project optimization
    Continuously improve your packaging solutions to maximize performance and minimize costs.

Popular packaging solutions in your industry

Get service support at any point of your packaging journey to guarantee total packaging success.

Calitho Printing Packaging Bay Area
Cosmetics 15
Calitho Printing Packaging Bay Area
Perfume 9
Calitho Printing Packaging Bay Area
Food 8
Calitho Printing Packaging Bay Area
Coffee & Tea 18
Calitho Printing Packaging Bay Area
Supplements 5
Calitho Printing Packaging Bay Area
Toys 25
Calitho Printing Packaging Bay Area
Gifts 15
Calitho Printing Packaging Bay Area
Gift box 12
Calitho Printing Packaging Bay Area
Apparel 16
Calitho Printing Packaging Bay Area
Candle 6

See what our customers say

Get service support at any point of your packaging journey to guarantee total packaging success.

  • Kristina Markula
    “I’ve been working very closely with Calitho over the last 6+ years. These days it’s very difficult to find a locally run sophisticated printer that embodies the sense of community that the large conglomerates have lost. Not only is Calitho a warm and welcoming place to pull up to for your press check, but they offer all the printing/ lettershop/fulfillment services you could possibly need in one convenient location. I’ve spent countless hours planning and designing with my team at Calitho for complicated high dollar projects to asking them to make a simple print miracle happen with zero time to spare. There is no project too small or complex and every project is treated with care and respect, not to mention executed with exceptional communication. It’s a huge sigh of relief when I know that my next project with be partnered with Calitho..”
    Kristina MarkulaSr. Production Manager
  • Cynthia Alexander
    “I’ve worked for Electro [internal agency for Clorox] for almost 2 years and have had the opportunity to work with Carrin Robinson on some really critical projects. She has been responsive, thorough, and easy to entreat. I always feel like she will go out of her way to ensure my requests are getting the attention needed. Even when changes are needed midstream and timelines are inflexible, Carrin always tries to offer alternatives to meet our needs. Her support and dedication is exceptional. Thank you to Calitho for building a culture where service really matters.”
    Cynthia AlexanderPackaging Project Manager
  •  Kathleen Cunningham
    “Calitho is a dream to work with. They are superb printers and great partners. I am a freelance art director/designer and they have never let me down. My Account Executive there is amazing, kind, funny and very responsive. She and I go to client meetings together to discuss the development of a project from end-to-end. Her focus is on great customer service and she has always delivered. I have used Calitho for large scale posters, vinyl banners, multi-page booklets, brochures and for the printing of a very delicate stationary system for a very particular client. Each project has been printed beautifully, on-time and within budget. Use Calitho for your next printing job.”
    Kathleen CunninghamFreelance Designer
  • William Cornejo
    “Calitho has been a great extension of our DMI team. They have shared the same level of commitment and passion towards our client’s projects and therefore have often times pulled double shifts, run test jobs and have even made special deliveries to us to ensure we can achieve the end results for our collective clients.”
    William CornejoOperations Officer
  • Paul Schweibinz
    “We had a rush project. They said. “no problem.” So we took them up on it. Twenty five years ago we gave Calitho a trifold brochure to print, on a Friday afternoon, to be delivered Monday morning. It was die cut, with white type reversing out of silver ink. It was raining, cold, and of course, nothing would dry. Twenty five years later we’ve produced million dollar jobs that consumed rail cars full of paper. We filled two Fedex airplanes for a global product launch. We’ve stamped metal, bound in leather, we’ve sent live cypress trees around the globe, crafted spectacular wooden boxes, and along the way defied deadlines, budgets and seemingly, gravity. And we’re better friends than ever.”pired.”
    Paul SchweibinzPresident
  •  Matt Cooke
    “We had an urgent project for a major retail brand and immediately turned to Calitho. Not only did they deliver flawless printing according to an exacting schedule, they went the extra mile, turning a fraught situation into a pleasant, professional process.”
    Matt CookeHead of User Experience and Principal
  • Maggie Sable
    “I just received feedback from my client regarding the Brochure Holder and she LOVES it! Thank you so very much for being so patient, professional, compromising, precise, knowledgeable, accommodating….(I could go on and on). You were consistently professional. You made us look really great to our client and exemplified what it is to be a great vendor. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate you guys and the invaluable service you provide.”
    Maggie SablePartner & Design Principal
  • Blue Comacho
    “I wanted to share some feedback with you about recent product and sales caddie program, shipped in September. Every single person I asked said the kits were extremely neat and organized and were packed amazingly well so nothing was damaged or melted. The attention to detail with the sell sheets and the flat caddies was extraordinary. One of our reps, who had a particularly difficult experience prior to your involvement said these kits were truly the best ever received. The kitting was done creatively so that items didn’t move around in the box and the product integrity was perfect upon arrival. The ice packs really saved the day. Thank you so much!”
    Blue ComachoTrade Show Manager