How To: Custom Influencer Marketing Boxes

April 28, 2021

You can use custom influencer marketing boxes to promote beauty products, general swag, or apparel. The media platforms of Youtubers, Tik Tok stars and Instagram influencers have used this product promotion technique for many years. Sending and receiving products for the influencer to test in front of their audience is essential in gaining traction for the product or apparel.

Essentially, this is a marketing strategy that incorporates unboxing promotions and PR seeding kits that excite the audiences about the new product. Hopefully, the influencers status will encourage their viewers to check out the products and company. Just look to the recent example of pop-star and actress Selena Gomez. Gomez recently released her own beauty line, Rare Beauty. As part of the promotion strategy, her team prepared cosmetic influencer marketing boxes for a variety of beauty gurus so that they could use the products themselves. These gurus’ platforms were then promoting the gorgeous packaging design, the custom mailer boxes, as well as the packaging of the products within. Overall, both sides are seeing increased activity on their platform and the products.  

These days, there are a variety of ways to get your product on the front page of celebrities’ promotions. Services exist that will connect companies and influencers together. Regardless, a major part of the promotion is having desirable packaging. A package that is fun to unbox and exciting for the audience to watch unboxed. More often than not the influencer or celebrity will spend several minutes on the packaging itself. The package and the packaging of the products must be both aesthetically pleasing and match the values of the brand.

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