What Can You Print On?

August 29, 2023

Did you know you can print on wood? What about plastic, metal, vinyl, cloth, or cork? These are just some of many possible substrates that can be printed on.

Both Offset and Wide Format printing have the ability to produce some interesting pieces. They can achieve any look, style, or texture. Creativity in print materials can convey a brand’s values, enhance aesthetics, and create a memorable or unique customer experience. Moreover, elevate any print and packaging above the competition by incorporating some unique materials, let the packaging paint a picture of how you want your product to be seen.

Our Motto: Ink on Anything!

You can achieve anything with print. Even if a unique material is not immediately feasible, you can still make stylistic choices that reflect the desired result. Selecting a substrate based on a brand’s image can be a strategic decision that can influence consumer perception and selection. A unique substrate has the power to bring packaging to life to tell a story. Whether through texture, color, or material choice, the right substrate can turn a product’s packaging into an interesting focal point.

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