The World of Wide Format

September 8, 2023

The World of Wide format printing, also known as large format printing, involves producing prints larger than standard sizes. It relies on specialized equipment capable of handling a variety of substrates and larger than average sizes. Wide format printing encompasses a range of technologies, including inkjet and UV-curable printing, enabling diverse applications.

The size and vivid colors grab attention, making them ideal for point of sale displays on banners, posters and signs in stores. They are used to promote products and special offers, attracting customers and enhancing brand visibility. Storefronts utilize wide-format posters in a variety of shapes and sizes or window graphics to showcase their brands on a grand scale. The expansive color range and detail retention, capture the essence of the uniqueness of the brands, making them ideal for displaying art and photography. Trade show and exhibitors use a variety of posters and custom displays to showcase their wares.

The versatility for these graphics extends to advertising or informative signage on cars, trucks, buses and even trains. The transportation industry utilizes them on their vehicles as well as in their stations.

Wide format printers can print on a wide range of media types, including paper, vinyl, canvas, fabric, metal, foam board, corrugated plastic, glass and more. This versatility allows for a diverse range of signage options both indoor and outdoor.

Calitho, excels in delivering top-notch wide format printing services. Our commitment to excellence, diverse substrate options, customization, innovation, and sustainability sets us apart. Calitho’s expertise extends way beyond posters, banners, retail signage, vehicle wraps, and trade show displays!

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