What is large format printing?

February 3, 2020

Large format, or wide format printing, is becoming one of the most popular printing methods today. As more advertising goes digital, the best way to make an impression in the physical world is to go big. You’ve almost certainly encountered examples of large format print jobs in your daily life. From banners to displays, large format is the best choice for printing bigger than the standard sheet of paper. 

What actually is large format printing?

Large format printing refers to printed pieces too large for most commercial printing presses. Generally, large format jobs can have a paper width anywhere from 18 to 100 inches, making it particularly versatile. Anything beyond 100 inches in width is considered super-wide or grand format. While the naming conventions are somewhat confusing, most good printers will know what method best suits your project. Large format printing is perfect for short-run projects that need a big impact, like event or trade show signage. Beyond paper, large format jobs can print on vinyl, fabric, wood and more, making your project standout from the crowd.

What type of projects should use large format?

With evermore marketing spend going to digital, it’s important to get the most bang for your buck on printed materials. Printing doesn’t just live on the page anymore; it’s everywhere you go and the dimensions have blown past 8.5”x11”. One way to stand out to consumers is to go for large, colorful prints that immediately catch the eye. In retail, large format printing is ideal for floor, wall, and window graphics as well as point of purchase displays. For trade shows and events, large-scale signage and posters are the way to go. Whether indoor or outdoor, banners can make a great visual first impression and draw the attention of crowds.

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