Cosmetics Influencer Kits and Marketing

May 14, 2021

Cosmetics influencer kits are a great way to showcase brands in the beauty space. The cosmetics industry has flourished for a variety of celebrities and entrepreneurs. The market has grown significantly in the last decade. Revenue estimates reach hundreds of billions of dollars every year. This industry is composed of a variety of things from skincare, wellness, cosmetics/makeup, health or supplements, and fragrance. While unisex, the industry primarily targets women as consumers. The average women spend around $3,000 annually in the industry. Furthermore, more companies are allotting influencer and content marketing in their company budget. Social media marketing is an extremely valuable strategy, especially since the world has moved online. 

There has been an increase in marketing strategies that rely on influencers. With influencer marketing on the rise, companies are reaching out to showcase their products in order to stand out from the competition. Cosmetics influencer kits cater specifically to the purpose of aesthetics and product promotion. Often, we will see multiple beauty companies seeking endorsements by the same influencers. Although a huge part of these promotions is the figure endorsing them. They will send the social media figure free products or samples with hopes or promises of a product review. These reviews take place on Tik Tok, Instagram, Youtube, and other platforms. Since Instagram added their feature of linking products tagged in photos, there has been increase foot traffic, especially in the beauty industry. In most cases, influencers and companies often hold long and mutually beneficial relationships. They can work together to highlight a new product or company.

Since companies will compete for the same influencers, it brings the question of whether micro-influencers would be a better fit. A big component of being influencer is interaction with one’s followers. Some bigger names do not engage with their audience as well as smaller names because they could be juggling more. Studies have begun to reflect more personal engagement between content creator and audience on platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram. Influencer kits being sent to smaller names could potentially gather more attention because of the more intimate relationship between promoter and audience. Customizing the kit to the influencer is essential. Overall, these outlets are brimming with opportunity for companies seeking any type of product spokesperson.

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