How can I make my business social distancing compliant?

May 1, 2020

Even as shelter-in-place orders are lifted, “social distancing” will be the new normal for business, at least in the near future. So how can businesses open back up while ensuring the safety of customers and employees alike? There are a number of solutions that can help a business enforce social distancing without huge disruptions. Read more about simple ways to keep your business a safe and clean environment. 

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage is a great way to communicate key information to customers before they even step in the building. Signs are the perfect way to explain new occupancy limits, temperature check policies, and more. For restaurants and retailers, outdoor signs can guide customers through the curbside-pickup process. In general, outdoor signage communicates to pedestrians that you are taking the necessary steps as a business to address the virus. 

Indoor Graphics

Communication within a store is now more important than ever. From reassuring customers that you disinfect surfaces to marking in-store hand sanitizer stations, indoor graphics can serve a number of needs. Floor decals can serve as visual cues to help customers stand 6 feet apart while in line. New occupancy limits can be posted directly on the doors of all elevators. Additionally, indoor graphics can encourage customers to use contactless payment if possible. 

Field Guides

If your business involves sending employees on the road, it can be hard to ensure they are following social distancing requirements. A field guide can help equip all employees on everything they can do to keep themselves and your clients safe. Guides or pamphlets can also serve as take-home pieces for customers to assure them your business is taking their safety seriously.

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