Eye-Catching Tips

January 8, 2024

As we enter into the New Year, you might be considering how best to market your brand. In what ways can you make your designs more eye-catching?

For all products, first impressions are essential. Design and presentation of your product can be the difference between grabbing attention or blending into the background.

To help you stand out on the shelves or on the display, we’ve compiled a list of eye-catching tips.

First, we have to start by considering your brand’s identity. This includes colors, fonts, and designs. Essentially, it’s all the visual, verbal or experiential elements that are perceived by an audience. When print or packaging products share the same design elements it not only builds recognition but shows organization and consistency.

Next, we want to prioritize the most essential elements. While creativity is crucial, simplicity often leads to more memorable designs. A clean and concise design is not only eye-catching, but it is more recognizable. Avoid unnecessary elements that detract from the best parts of your product.

We also want to prioritize having high-quality components. Imagery, text, and materials reflect your investment in your brand. Vibrant colors, sharp contrasts, and clear text make a difference.

If you are looking for a bigger upgrade, have you considered switching your brand to environmentally friendly materials? As consumers become increasingly environmentally conscious, they recognize the symbols of sustainability in packaging or print. These kinds of investments have positive impacts on consumers, particularly in the cosmetics industry. With this much of an upgrade, your brand can hit a new market with a new selling point.

One of the fun ways to upgrade things is to display your product within an innovative and eye-catching package. Break away from conventional shapes and explore innovative engineering. Something different, but something that still aligns with your brand.

In a competitive market, where products jostle for attention, the art of creating eye-catching print and packaging can be challenging. Remember, your packaging is often the first touchpoint with your audience, so make it count!

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