What About Binding?

January 15, 2024

There are various methods for binding materials together, and the choice of binding method depends on the type of materials involved, the intended use, and the desired appearance.


Commonly used for binding sheets of paper along the edge, staples are driven through materials such as paper or cardboard to hold them together.


In bookbinding, groups of paper are sewn together with thread. You can see along the spine of the product the visible stitching, although some styles are concealed. Paper, book pages, and fabric are common materials used.


A glued binding is when adhesive is applied to the surface to be bound and a bond is created when it dries. Bookbinding and various crafts often utilize this method.

Spiral Bind or Spiral Bound

This a particularly common method. Pages are held together by a continuous plastic or metal spiral coil that is threaded through holes along the binding edge. Notebooks are often held together this way.

Perfect Binding

A perfect bound item is held together when a strong adhesive is used to attach the pages to the cover along the spine. Most common in paperback bookbinding.

Saddle Stitching

Finally, saddle stitching is created by folding sheets are stapled along the spine. Picture this as a booklet that can be opened flat. Paper, magazines, and booklets are some of the materials used.

The best binding for your use depends on overall aesthetic, intended use, durability, and number of pages. These are just some of the binding methods available.

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