Earth Day & FSC Certification

April 22, 2023

Happy Earth Day from all your friends at Calitho!

Earth Day is a day of global celebration of green initiatives and environmental protection. As a print and packaging company, Calitho has invested in sustainable technologies, environmentally conscious practices, and paperless processes where possible; but this doesn’t mean we are shying away from using paper. Instead, we considered the entire process and how we can stay true to our belief of environmental sustainability while providing the best product for our client. This is why we got in touch with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). An organization that aligned with our environmentally conscious mission; and since 2008, we have proudly held their certification.

Since 1993, FSC has made strides in environmental sustainability. They have created a chain of custody that tracks the journey from harvest to consumer. This documented process has created accountability standards for various industries and united them in environmental consciousness. Some FSC facts we have learned throughout our 15 years certified: the average annual deforestation rate of FSC certified concessions is almost 20 times lower than non-FSC concessions and on average, less trees are cut down in certified sites. The deforestation rate has slowed in the last five years, but only through collective and year-round efforts.

At Calitho, we recognized our responsibility to provide an environmentally conscious option for our clients. Our investment in innovation and green technologies has made us one of the greenest pressrooms. Our paperless options include digital pre-media workflow and printing, online proofing, and computer-to-plate systems.

If you are still wondering, How does Calitho make environmentally friendly product packaging? Check out our answer here!

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