What is in an Influencer Kit?

An influencer kit is an excellent marketing tool that can connect a brand with their target consumer base. In doing so, the brand is hoping to gain more presence, the influencer hopes to gain more followers, and the consumer is informed of a new product. A win-win-win!

These days, it is not just enough to consider how a product will help the consumer, but brands need to consider their big picture impact. This is where an influencer kit can be particularly helpful. The box not only acts to transport samples, but it has the surface area to provide more information about the brand.

Research has shown that marketing a brand’s purpose and social impact has been drawing more consumers in. This new wave of brand appeal focuses on a company’s awareness and involvement of social issues. In particular, Generation Z has shown a measurable preference to this style of marketing. Being vocal about cruelty-free certifications or responsibly sourced verification certifications have increased consumer confidence in the product. If the consumer feels good about purchasing the product, the influencer feels good about partnering with the brand, and the brand is working to better the world. Another win-win-win!

The relationship established with an influencer kit is an important consideration. The kit can elicit feedback about both the brand and product. Videos online are just as good as a written review, if not better. An influencer’s audience can showcase the product while expressing their opinions and experience with it. Receiving an influencer kit can also be the first step in establishing a long-term partnership between brand and influencer. If the collaboration is successful, they will continue to promote the brand into the future. This is good for both brand and potential customers!

So, we know why these kits are important, but what goes in an influencer kit?

The contents of these kits vary from industry to industry. Cosmetics and beauty are typically what people think of first when thinking of an influencer kit. But these kits are not limited to these industries! There are food and beverage kits, household items, tech, and so much more.

And the goods inside of these kits vary as much as the industry. Cosmetics and beauty brands highlight their new and popular makeup, skincare products and beauty tools. Tech companies or companies without a tangible product to endorse can announce their latest launch with some monogrammed hats or t-shirts. The food and beverage industry can delight their recipient with samplings of their newly launched product. Even sports have influencer kits!

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