Designing for Cost Savings

As a print and packaging manufacturer, there are some tricks we have picked up along the way in balancing our client’s needs with their budget. There are several phases to consider cost savings, from brainstorming to the first draft, to the shipping and transportation.

When creating and designing, it’s always important to keep in mind how much to invest in your brand and product. At Calitho, it can start with the design of your packaging in the CAD department. We want to maximize your brand’s style and optimize material usage, while also reducing waste and staying below budget. Cost savings can lie within the engineering of the packaging or the creative side of the print.

It is important to be aware that engineering for product safety and security will save money in the long run. Conducting product testing to ensure packaging meets requirement standards in order to eliminate breakage is not to be missed. Using high quality, durable materials that provide adequate protection for the product during transportation and handling is important.

But beyond the design of the package or print, don’t forget to consider the cost of shipping and transportation. Expediated shipping is always possible, but rarely the most economical option. Planning ahead and utilizing available options can help reduce this cost. Calitho has its own on-site Mail house along with a knowledgeable team capable of advising you on how to standardize your product to avoid extra fees through the postal service. Furthermore, we have an experienced, skilled team ready to handle any larger parcel or trucking needs.

Cost-saving measures should be a balance with maintaining the desired quality and functionality of print or packaging.

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