Holiday Packaging, Already?

June 19, 2023

It may seem crazy, but it’s time to start thinking about your holiday packaging needs. A vibrant display or colorful package is an eye-catching way to engage with your customers and make your brand pop during the chaos of the holiday season.

Starting early is essential, a well-defined timeline allots for any changes or alterations to the packaging. It gives you time to creatively design and select the right materials that showcase the value of your brand.

When you plan ahead, you are able to capitalize on personalization options, marketing opportunities, sustainable materials, and increase visual appeal.

Packaging personalization is not just unique branding or logo design but can even be considered in the designing and engineering of the packaging itself. A simple box is classic, but what about a twisted candy shaped box?

Marketing during the holiday season is imperative. Promotional materials can inspire repeat purchases and drive customer engagement. It can also take many forms, a special promotion mailer piece, a holiday themed influencer box, or a full holiday collection are all considerations for your brand. Social media can also boost your advertising, what better way than with an Instagram-worthy holiday themed package?

Sustainable materials and eco-friendliness are always top of mind. Considering the influx of demand during the holiday season, responsible recycling is especially important and limiting environmental impact is a responsible practice.

Feeling confident about your product hitting the market starts with planning ahead. Calitho is a commercial printer and visual communications company serving the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We want to help your brand prepare for this holiday season, reach out today!