String Tie Neckers!

June 5, 2023

We are excited to announce a new addition to Calitho in-house capabilities: String Tie Neckers!

String tie neckers, also known as hang tags, are a common tool to market on wine and spirits, clothing, and all different types of products. It is a decorative accessory that is regularly used in a functional and aesthetic way. The string or ribbon attaches to a label or tag showcasing a message, logo, or brand. It dangles from the neck of a bottle or often wound around the product. These fun little advertising pieces are an easy, customizable way to bring more attention to a product.

Here at Calitho, we are thrilled to announce the addition of string machines to our in-house print and packaging line-up! There are only a couple of companies in the U.S. who have the capacity to print and create string-tie products in-house. This investment gives us the ability to print, die cut, and string nearly any type of bottle necker, clothing hangtag, or string tie product all under one roof.

First and foremost, having in-house string tie necker capabilities allows for greater control and flexibility. Calitho can handle the entire process internally. Adapting quickly to changing demands, schedules, and preferences is not only easier, but more economical. Working with only one vendor provides greater peace of mind. With all work done in one place, production timing improves and coordinates in the most economical manner. We can manage the creation and distribution of these products with tighter quality control and on a timely basis.

Whether it’s customizing necker designs, adjusting production schedules, or addressing specific client requests, our in-house capabilities allow us to respond swiftly and efficiently. The value of in-house production lies in the ability to enhance efficiency, flexibility, and cohesion throughout the entire production process.

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