At Calitho, we invest as heavily in relationships as we do in the latest equipment and technologies. Our clients return to us again (and again) because they know they’ll receive responsive, personalized service not found elsewhere. When they call, we pick up the phone. When they have a concept that seems nearly impossible to execute, we make it possible. Many on our team have been with us for at least a decade, and others for more than two. We function as a flat organization in which every person is empowered to be a decision maker.

Mardjan Taheripour


Year Joined: 2005
Hometown: Tehran, Iran
Mardjan enjoys traveling, exercising, reading, cooking, and spending time with her family.

Bahman Taheripour

Vice President of Operations

Year Joined: 1985
Hometown: Tehran, Iran
Bahman enjoys playing golf, red wine, and cigars

Thor Grossen

Director of Business Development

Year Joined: 1987
Hometown: Walnut Creek, California
Thor likes to play hockey, travel, and spend time with his family

Herman Dykstra

Production Manager

Year Joined: 1989
Hometown: Bellflower, California
Herman enjoys watching sports and fishing. His favorite teams are the LA Dodgers and the San Jose Sharks. His favorite place to fish is Montana.

Nader Mehdizadeh

Packaging and Display Manager

Year Joined: 1990
Hometown: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
When Nader is not caddying for Stew, he enjoys taking trips with his family

Gloria Muther

Office Manager

Year Joined: 1992
Hometown: Newport News, Virginia
Gloria likes to play with her grandkids Hannah and Madison and her dogs Lucy and Duke.

Kamran Nomani

Bindery Production Manager

Year Joined: 1997
Hometown: Tehran, Iran
Kamran likes to fly drones.

Jim Nestor

Wide Format Manager

Year Joined: 2012
Hometown: Rockaway, New Jersey
Jim enjoys playing board games, specifically Azul, with his family which he loses frequently to his girlfriend.

Rob Reuben

Estimating Manager

Year Joined: 2012
Hometown: North Hollywood, California
Rob likes to golf at Blue Rock Springs in Vallejo, CA

Carlos Perezdiez

Prepress Manager

Year Joined: 2015
Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador
Carlos enjoys going to latin music and rock concerts. His favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Jethro Tull

Larry Bilsky

Plant Manager

Year Joined: 2017
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Larry likes to sail on his 26 ft sailboat “Infinity” and ski at Heavenly in Lake Tahoe, CA

Patty Lopez

Bindery Supervisor

Year Joined: 2000
Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador
Patty enjoys going to the park with her grandchildren Carlos and Mia

Maria Hernandez

Bindery Supervisor

Year Joined: 2010
Hometown: Cuscatlan, El Salvador
Maria enjoys taking walks outdoors next to the dog park

Rhoda Matheson

Human Resources

Year Joined: 2015
Hometown: Fairfield, California
Rhoda likes to teach group exercise classes, running, and hiking.

Tony Hennig

Year Joined: 2006
Hometown: Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Tony enjoys a nice glass of Alpha Omega Cabernet and playing golf and tennis

Greg Leal

Year Joined: 2006
Hometown: Concord, California
Greg loves to deep sea fish, BBQ, and travel to Cabo San Lucas

Keith Burns

Year Joined: 2018
Hometown: Alamosa, Colorado
Keith likes building stuff and playing hockey, softball, and hiking.

Veronica Dale

Year Joined: 2005
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Veronica likes going to Disneyland

Sarah Nowlen

Year Joined: 2017
Hometown: San Luis Opisbo, California
Sarah enjoys camping, taking her jeep off-road, and spending time with her dog Barley.

Donna Van Stralen

Year Joined: 2011
Hometown: Kimberley, Wisconsin
Donna loves playing bocce, family Friday movie nights, and supporting the Green Bay Packers.

Carrin Robinson

Year Joined: 2014
Hometown: Pittsburg, California
Carrin enjoys hanging out, eating, talking, and laughing with her friends.

Kelly Collins

Year Joined: 2019
Hometown: Pinole, California
Kelly likes going to metal rock concerts

Evelyn Easley


Year Joined: 1993
Hometown: Antioch, California
Evelyn enjoys gardening.

Mechelle McCormick


Year Joined: 2003
Hometown: Pittsburg, California
Mechelle enjoys hiking, watching movies, and hanging out with her kids.

Sean Healy


Year Joined: 1996
Hometown: Concord, California
Sean enjoys playing golf, tennis, and a nice glass of Bombay Sapphire gin

Pamela Pena-Dale


Year Joined: 2003
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Pam likes spending time with her daughter Sabrina

Charles Parker


Year Joined: 2003
Hometown: Webster Grove, Missouri
Charles likes singing with his choral group especially Broadway showtunes.

Troy Hess


Year Joined: 2012
Hometown: Walnut Creek, California
Troy enjoys hiking out in the East Bay with his wife, friends, and his dog Banjo.

Bruce Wormgoor


Year Joined: 2017
Hometown: Benicia, California
Bruce enjoys spending time with friends and playing card games.

Eli Lucero


Year Joined: 1989
Hometown: Boyle Heights, California
Eli likes doing outdoor stuff with his wife, like hiking Mt. Diablo.

Jesse Peralta


Year Joined: 1986
Hometown: Vallejo, California
Jesse enjoys working on old cars and photography.

Tim Lindner


Year Joined: 2010
Hometown: Patterson, California
Tim enjoys long walks on the beach.

Dhara Taheripour


Year Joined: 2019
Hometown: Walnut Creek, California
Dhara enjoys working out, reading, and playing basketball and video games with his friends.