What is Live Shopping Influencer Marketing?

March 22, 2024


Live shopping influencer marketing also known as “shoppertainment” is a burgeoning trend in the realm of e-commerce and social media marketing. This concept involves influencers hosting live-streamed shopping events where they showcase and promote products or services in real-time. Here’s a breakdown of how it typically works:

Choose a platform where live shopping can take place. This could be on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and YouTube Shorts or specialized live shopping platforms like Amazon Live or ShopShops.

Identify influencers whose audience aligns with your target market. Work with them to host the live shopping events. Live shopping means the influencer will be interacting with the audience in real time. Viewers can interact by asking questions and getting immediate responses. The Influencers will demonstrate to customers how a product functions and their own personal experiences while endorsing and recommending the purchase. This gives consumers a better more informed experience before committing to a purchase. Consider running polls or giveaways and creating a sense of urgency to drive sales. Live shopping provides instant gratification and builds trust and connection with followers. They can get all the information they need and purchase products without leaving the live stream. This convenience can lead to impulse buying.

Overall, live shopping influencer marketing can be an effective way to engage with your target audience, drive sales, and increase brand awareness in a more interactive and personalized manner. As with any marketing strategy, it’s important to carefully plan and execute your live shopping events to achieve the best results.

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