Kitting Services

Fulfillment kitting services is the process of combining multiple individual items into a single package, which are sold and shipped as one unit. This practice is common in e-commerce and subscription box services. When done by the printer who is creating the packaging, it allows for more efficient order processing. This enhances the customer experience by improving accuracy and speed of delivery.

Synergy of Printing and Kitting

  • Storing for accessibility: Items for use in kitting are inventoried and stored in the printing facility warehouse.
  • Preparation: Kitting involves preparing inventory from the manufacturer’s packaging, inspecting it for damage, and adding other marketing or reading materials or other final touches.
  • Packaging: Items are often together in custom boxes or arranged in a specific order to create a cohesive package. These packages have labels of product information and shipping.
  • Efficiency: By pre-assembling kits, fulfillment orders are quick to ship. This improves the overall efficiency of the order fulfillment process and can include “drop shipping”.
  • Customization: Kitting allows for a level of customization in how products are presented to customers, contributing to a memorable unboxing experience.

Remember, the synergy between printing and kitting allows for creative and efficient solutions across various industries. By using kitting services, you streamline your fulfillment process. Allowing orders to go out as they come in, direct from the source, customers receive their orders more accurately and faster.

Calitho Printing and Kitting provides various logistics services including:

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