Custom Gift Packaging for Wine & Spirits

December 6, 2023

Are you looking for ideas or advice on designing packaging for a winery or spirits brand? There are many ways to approach it, from elegant and classic designs to more modern and artistic ones. Why not consider your packaging a gift within a gift?

After our experience at WIN Expo, we’ve been inspired to highlight some of our specialty packaging for the wine and spirits industry! Because packaging is the first thing customers see, it should reflect the quality and personality of the product inside. Holiday packaging can be a creative way to capture the festive spirit and attract customers during special seasons. Here are a few ideas to consider…

  • Bundle bottles together with complimentary items like wine glasses, corkscrews, coasters or even chocolates! Presentation matters, so consider packaging these sets in attractive custom boxes.
  • Design labels or create special edition bottles that embrace the holiday theme. Incorporate elements like snowflakes, holly, ornaments, or festive colors to make the packaging stand out.
  • Offer the option for customers to personalize tags or labels with holiday messages, family names, or special dates. This adds a personal touch and makes it a great gift choice.
  • Offering special deals or discounts for holiday-themed wines or gift sets can be added to the exterior. This could attract customers looking for presents, host gifts or wines for their holiday celebrations.
  • Partner with local artists, designers, or charities to create a story that adds to your brand’s holiday packaging uniqueness. Not only does this add a unique touch, but it can support the local community.

Remember, the goal is to evoke a sense of celebration and create an emotional connection with the customers. Holiday packaging is not just about the product; it’s about creating an experience and making the wine and spirits an integral part of the festivities.

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