Creating Successful Gift Card Displays

October 24, 2023

Printing gift card displays are a common practice for businesses that want to promote and sell gift cards to customers. These displays are typically placed near checkout counters or in other high-traffic areas within a store.

Begin by creating an attractive and eye-catching design for your gift card display. Consider incorporating your brand logo, colors, and any relevant images or graphics that convey the purpose of the gift cards (e.g., holiday-themed graphics for seasonal gift cards). Use attractive packaging for physical gift cards because using unique and appealing packaging can make your gift cards more gift-worthy.

Step one would be to decide on the type of display you want to use, while options include countertop displays, wall-mounted displays, or freestanding floor displays. The choice will depend on the available space and your design preferences. Choose the appropriate printing material for your gift card display. Further options may include cardstock, PVC plastic, or other durable materials, but the choice of material should align with your design and budget.

Work with a professional printing company to print your gift card displays. Ensure that the printing process produces high-quality, full-color graphics. Consider adding finishing touches, which can undeniably enhance the appearance and durability of your gift card displays. Consult with your printer, particularly with options that include lamination, matte or glossy finishes, and spot UV coating. Depending on the design and size of your gift cards, because you may need display holders or pockets to securely hold the gift cards in place. These can be made of acrylic, plastic, or other materials.

Clearly display information about the gift cards, including their denominations, any special promotions or discounts, and any terms and conditions. If applicable, include a barcode or QR code for easy scanning during checkout. Assemble the gift card displays according to your design and the type of display you’ve chosen. Ensure that they are stable and can hold the gift cards securely. Do not forget to keep a sufficient stock of gift cards on hand to replenish the displays as needed. Avoid empty or messy displays that can deter potential buyers.

Printing gift card displays are an effective way to promote gift card sales and increase revenue for your business. By focusing on design, material quality, and display placement, you can create visually appealing and functional displays that entice customers to purchase gift cards.

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