Package Services. Calitho dives into every packaging project ears first. We start by listening to what you want then tap our experience to make it happen, from building and testing to ensure everything functions as promised, to mailing and shipping so it gets where it needs to go. Whether it’s packaging for individual products or custom retail kits — or something we have yet to invent — we do it all.

Structural Design & Engineering

Backed by decades of problem-solving know-how, Calitho’s designers and engineers have the skills to plus every project, transforming even the most complex concept into a knockout reality. Which means you get what you want efficiently, economically and beautifully.

Prototype & Testing

The way Calitho sees it, a project is only successful if it actually does what it needs to do in the real world. That’s why we offer uncompromising prototyping and testing services to ensure that what we say will work, actually does work.

Die-cutting & Finishing

Calitho comes fully equipped with more than just top-notch designers and engineers. We boast the most advanced technologies and equipment available to transform your idea into the kind of product you dreamed about — one that works as successfully in the field as it does on paper.

Laminating & UV-Coating

At Calitho, we offer both full and spot laminating and UV coating services, which not only protect your work, but can also enhance it by adding an eye-popping, attention-grabbing design element.

Clif Bar Product Packaging

Jan Marni Skin Care Product Packaging

Palm Sales Kits