Display Services. Getting your print seen by your target audience is what display is all about. Whether it’s for customized direct mail to an individual, a mass direct mail campaign tied to outdoor signage, a standee for retail, wall graphics, banner or tradeshow booth, Calitho does it all for you — in one place, too.


Our investment in top-tier technologies allows us to apply decades of print experience to creating signage that does what you need it to do — get noticed. We work closely with you to identify needs and environmental concerns, and then design eye-grabbing solutions that deliver as promised.


Trade Show Graphics

Solving the most challenging logistics, meeting the tightest deadlines and making the seemingly impossible possible — on any substrate — is how Calitho makes trade show signage deliver big for every client.


Retail Displays

Calitho knows retail space. We’ve spent years creating displays for every size and variety of environment imaginable. We have the expertise to do what’s required (and more) and the technology to produce from 1 to 10,000 displays, economically.


Grand Format Printing

Size is no issue for Calitho. We routinely work on enormous outdoor and wall graphics, problem-solving all the way. We not only figure out the smartest way to meet every environmental and logistical requirement, we know how to transport, hang and make the pieces shine.


Media X Conference Materials

Palm Pre Retail Display

Whole Foods Signage