Calitho celebrates Independence Day with a California twist

Calitho is proud to announce a new Independence Day tradition. Everyone knows what our American Flag looks like today, but few know the colorful history behind its evolution and surprising interpretation over the years. Drawing from the fascinating collection of American flag designs and artifacts contained in the penultimate volume, “Long May She Wave” by renowned graphic designer, Kit Hinrichs, Calitho will bring you a unique custom “collectible” created in collaboration with the author each year.

Stunning Store Opening Installation for Ghiradelli Chocolate Company

This brilliantly crafted multi-media installation for Ghiradelli Chocolate Company displays Calitho’s ability to seamlessly blend different design elements into an incredible final product. By utilizing a variety of media including wood, plexiglass, and permanent and repositional vinyl, Calitho created a eye-popping three-dimensional display and provided the perfect centerpiece for the opening of a new Ghiradelli Chocolate Company’s store.